Uber Light Sign LED Light Up Wireless Decal

$34.99 $29.99

✅ EASILY NOTICEABLE – New Design Bright Glowing LED Uber Sign On Quality Acrylic
✅ BLUE COLOR – Bright Blue LED to Make Your Car Stand Out at Night
✅ WIRELESS – No Messy Wires or Cords to deal with. Completely wireless / Battery powered
✅ EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION – The LED Uber Light Comes With 2 Large & Powerful Suction Cups
✅ PERFECT SIZE – The 6 x 6 Inches Logo Sign is Very Noticeable During The Day & Night

Product Description

Uber Light Sign LED
Bright Wireless Led Uber Light Sign for Rideshare Drivers with Suction Cups for Windows

This beautifully lit, glowing LED Uber Light Sign will help your passengers identify you quickly. It is bright enough to be seen through tinted windows, up to 90% tint. The LED Uber Light Sign is made using light technology which is brighter than ordinary LED Uber lights. It fits perfectly on any windshield. Unlike flimsy paper signs, the LED Uber Light Sign is strong and durable. It is also very convenient to apply and remove with Suction Cups included. Be prepared to get some awesome feedback from your riders. Recommended for all UBER drivers looking to make a great first impression! Dimensions of Sign: 6 x 6 inches. Contents included: 1 Uber Light Sign – 2 Suction Cups

Additional information

Weight 6 oz